King’s Youth Conference

March 8 - 11  |  King's Chapel Alaska

Kings Chapel Alaska, Lucille Street, Wasilla, AK, USA


Leave the problems of the world at the door to come and have a face to face encounter with the living God.  A time where all your insecurities and failures are exchanged for happiness and joy with friends. A place that you can breathe, think, feel and desire new adventures for your life, just the way God made you to be. Come just as you are and believe.

Show the world what He is doing in you and through you. Speak life to a generation that needs you to live out more than what they see on social media. Know that you have victory by loving people and honoring them.

Just remember, you have something special the world needs to hear. We are not here to compare, we are not here to compromise, we are here to have faith as small as a mustard seed, to see our generation healed, restored, renewed and made whole for His glory.




Guest Speakers


Marty and Paula Darracott have traveled the globe bringing help, health, and hope to the body of Christ. Having served nearly 2 decades in full-time youth and young adult ministry, they have seen a generation awakened to the things of God. Marty currently serves as Executive Pastor at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA. Christ Fellowship Church is home of the North GA Revival. Marty and Paula have been instrumental in this revival and have been a vital part of the baptismal team that has seen over 13,000 people baptized in water at their church since the Lord sent revival in February of 2018. Marty serves as a Pastor, Evangelist, and Youth Communicator. He brings intense passion with his high energy presentation of the Gospel. He operates with a “longhaul” youth ministry mentality coupled with a heart to lead a GREAT AWAKENING in this generation. Using an innovative, often comedic, yet profound presentation. Marty’s honest and upfront approach brings a fresh viewpoint and clarity to life’s issues. Since 2001, Marty and Paula have traveled the nation speaking at various camps, conferences, retreats, and middle school & high school campus club gatherings. They have both served as Conference Hosts, communicators to all ages, Leadership Consultants, Conference Emcees, and speakers while serving faithfully in the local church. However, their greatest accomplishment in life is being Madison and Carson’s mom and dad. Together, Marty and Paula also serve in a ministry called “The CADRE” with Jeanne Mayo, CEO and Founder of Youth Leaders Coach. The CADRE is a 12-Month personal mentoring journey with Jeanne for youth pastors and leaders from all over the nation.





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